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16 August 2012 @ 07:39 pm
Sorry I forgot to update with the previous update: 285 286 287 288 289 290

Final form and regular Valentines.

Thank you for reading!!
16 June 2012 @ 10:34 am
.pages added: 279 280 281 282 283 284

Late update of late update :(
11 July 2011 @ 06:43 pm
. pages added 273 274 275
. end of act 12
. next update: 2011 JUL 18 (MON)

happy monday :)
04 July 2011 @ 06:08 pm
.pages added: 270 271 272
. next update 2011 JUL 11 (MON)

Every day I learn a new lesson. Today's was, never leave important explanations delayed for so many chapters ever again!!
21 June 2011 @ 06:31 pm
. pages added 267 268 269
. next update Mon the 27th

Lost by a day.. On a dead serious note everyone in the real world should learn CPR as it is extremely useful! As always, thank you for reading.
15 June 2011 @ 10:26 pm
. pages added 262 263 264 265 266
. next update 2011 JUN 20 (for reals; see below for explanation)

Note: There are some textless panels in 264-265 - you'll know when you scroll over them and no yellow box appears (not even an empty one)

Thank you so much for waiting and checking back patiently. I am taking a sabbatical from regular work to draw comics. Only in time will we find out how much of an improvement this is.. However this plan does include finishing HERO by hook or crook (on average a page a day, although assembling them and writing the script is still causing epic time paradoxes)

Also rolling with the times I have been posting (mostly Three Kingdoms/Sengoku/cat) art on tumblr, if historical/cat art feels relevant to your interests then this link may be of use.. But seriously thank you for continuing to read and find out what happens next, and I can only hope the actual results live up to your expectations. Thank you so much.
19 February 2011 @ 12:05 am
. pages added: 257 258 259 260 261
. next update 2011 FEB 28 (MON)

Welcome back. I have no excuse for letting almost a year elapse since the last update, except that I simply could not believe in the story I had planned for the next couple of chapters and also found much happiness in drawing other things. Up to five minutes ago I was indeed still rewriting dialogue, some things never change..
. pages added: 251 252 253 254 255 256
. next update 31 MAY 2010 (MON)

plodding along. sorry i've totally forgotten to reply to questions in the previous post ;_; will do that now.

thank you for reading!
01 May 2010 @ 10:41 am
. pages added: 246 247 248 249 250
. next update 10 MAY 2010 (MON)

thanks for your kind emails and messages. i am sorry to have neglected this comic for so long. things happened, now they are over with and i want to finish this: four more chapters, we will see it through. thanks again for your kindness, concern and understanding.
. pages added 240 241 242 243 244 245
. next update 2010 FEB 15 (MON)

one of my new year resolutions was to finish HERO by the end of this year. I can hear you laughing in the back there!! also thought I had three chapters to go instead of four. never mind will do what I can.

for the record I LOVE CATS, "I Am Maru" is one of my favorite celebrity blogs.